Free Initial Assessment

We provide our clients the benefit of ‘Free Initial Assessment’. The clients who visit us personally in our office, we do the assessment same time and provide them the best option they may have for their further stay in New Zealand.
Clients who email us their details with the CV, qualifications and work experience letters, we take 48 hours to make an assessment.
There is no ‘Assessment & Consultation Fees’. We only charge, once the client wishes to pursue their application with us. The fee is also reasonable and affordable.

Visa Services

We provide Immigration advice on all type of Visa application. We tailor the instructions as per the individual’s requirements. We provide the expert advice and services in the following Visa applications.

  • Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Work Visa (All Categories)
  • Residence Visa (Skilled Migrant)
  • Residence Visa (Family Category)
  • Business Visa (Entrepreneurship)
  • Appeals
  • S61 Requests

Other Services

We also provide range of other services mentioned below

  • NZ Citizenship
  • NZQA Applications
  • Registrations (Teacher, Nursing, Electrician etc.)
  • Translations
  • Assist in Airport pick up
  • Assist in Accommodation
  • Assist in Banking & IRD Number
  • Assist in Insurance (Travel, Medical, Content etc.)